Washer Repair

washer-150x150I had been slacking on laundry for three days. With nine kids that is a very long time. The laundry pile was taking over the house. With much grumbling (just one of those days) I started the first load. Half way through my first load in the washer the machine started to beep. The dreaded error code message was flashing. With the aid of the Use and Care Guide I determined the cause to be the machine was not draining.

Step One:Think to self, hmm…this is going to be messy.
1) Detach the hose leading from the drain to the machine.
2) Take it outside and flushed it out with the hose.
3) With clean hose in hand take now muddy self back inside , reattach hose, and turned the machine on again.
4) Nurse baby to sleep.

Ten minutes later…error code again. Hmm…time to call dad (better known as grandpa in this home).

Step Two:Dad suggests flushing the drain pipe with the hose. Hmm…really going to be messy now.
1)Assign son one to turning the spigot on and off.
2)Assign son two to stand in the backdoor way and relay to son one when mom says to turn said spigot on and off.
3)Be genuinely surprised and pleased the laundry room isn’t flooded when the task is complete.
4) Turn machine on and test. The machine seemed to be running.

Step Three: Occurs to self that if the hose leading from the machine to the drain pipe was gross, and the drain pipe was gross then the drain hose in the machine is probably gross too.
1) Google machine and drain issues.filter_housing-150x150
2) Make mental note that according to do it your self help site the pump isn’t hard to replace. You never know…
3) Discover that there is a filter in the machine.
4) Read how to open machine and access said filter.
5) Make hungry kids food.

The machine completed the first load without further problems. Woohoo.

Step Four: Gather a few towels, screw driver, courage and determination.

Open bottom of machine and unscrew filter housing.
2) Become disgusted at what is there. 
Call son one so he can share in the disgust find.
4) Take pictures for blogging. 🙂
Clean filter, replace, close machine.
6) Change stinky accident done by two year old.
7)  Be very glad machine is working because of #6 above

Thank you God for the all the blessings that allowed for the happy moment(electricity and the miracles keeping it on, grandpa,  kids with dirty clothes, still up internet connection, etc.).

Step Five: Blog story.
   1) Down load pictures and type.
   2) Start the third load of laundry. 🙂

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