Mom’s Insanity

Thanks to the encouragement, urging and well down right nagging of my husband I have now started a blog. As a teenager I kept really long journals to help vent and articulate my thoughts. Ten years ago I burned my journals realizing that my children never needed to read about my enormous learning mistakes, nor did I care to remember what an idiot teen I was. With the first three or four kids I received baby journals and had every intention of using them, but life happened and they have very few entries in them. Perhaps one day my blog entries can be like children journals for some of the events in their lives. 

I will not be posting enlightening or even entertaining blogs. Here you will find the rantings of a lunitic mother of seven who has not slept in ten years. Sleep depervasion seriously affects judgement, personality and basic logic.  I routinely lose track of days and on occasion whole weeks. For example while talking with my daughter and a friend about a tubbing trip down the river a few days earlier, I corrected my daughter saying it was last week. My darling husband then corrected me and I started to argue that I was certain I was right, when he pointed to his finger and reminded me he had lost his ring that day and could prove it with a blog entry date. Yikes, did I feel silly. How did three days turn into a week?  Days are not the only things misplaced around here. This week (could have been today or a month ago) I yelled at my son about not being able to find his phonics book. I made him look and relook in the usual dumping spots at least three times. While he searched I loudly lectured to all children who could hear in a ten mile radius what a waste of time it is when we don’t return our school books to the school shelf.  Where did we find the workbook? MY ARMS!!! Yes, right there in the folder where it belonged in the arms holding todays materiels was his workbook. Lots of hugs and I am sooooo sorries were dispensed. It is now safe to assume he will never believe another thing I try to teach him… Lets also not forget finding the fuses for the van in the meat drawer in the fridge or my keys behind the computer, in the laundry room, behind the dresser. Now you might be thinking with seven kids items always get misplaced, unfortunetely the kids are not to blame, it is I, “insane mom” a.k.a. “meanest mom in the whole wide world”.

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