How My Husband Says I Love You

Being happy at hearing your eighth child is coming even though you are stressed and broke.

Working all day on your feet and coming home and rubbing your wife’s feet and not asking for anything in return.

Feeding your wife’s many animals after dark when you really just want to veg in front of the computer.

Hot tea every morning in bed without ever having to be asked.

Never complaining about eating the same thing all the time even though it is tasteless.

Always saying sorry first, even when you were not wrong.

Joy at the idea of a spur of the moment tubing trip down the river with all the kids 🙂

Working a second job so you wife can stay home with the children and have more financial peace.

Not liking to lead groups of children and still happily volunteering to be scout leader for your sons.

Leading your family in their faith even when it feels awkward and unfamiliar.

Taking the garbage to the dump (yes we have to transport to the dump ourselves)

Being unbelievably patient and kind during your wife’s hormonal breakdowns.

Watching all the children at a moments notice so your wife can go alone to walmart and spend all your money. 🙂

Making your wife feel beautiful even when her hair is unbrushed, her t’shirt is covered in who-knows-what, and she has been wearing the same skirt for two days.

Driving to town to pick up whatever weird craving you wife has.

Not complaining when the house gets messy or the kids are making to much noise while you try to work.

…and so many more. Thank you my Sunshine!