Children’s Perspective on Dad

Why do you love dad and how does he make you feel?

Margaret 7 mths:
Big two toothed grin.

Joanna 1 ¾ yrs:
“Dada ta,” with a smile and affirmative head nod.

Sarah 4 yrs:
“He always tickles me there,” said while pointing under her arm. “He makes me happy”

Jane 5 ½ yrs:
“Dad makes me feel good. He hugs me and plays with me and kisses me and walks with me when we go to the water fountain. He hugs my heart. He gives mom money.”

Laura 6 ½ yrs:
“He is nice. He buys junk for us. He plays rough with me and board games and card games. He hugs me.”

Paul 7 ¾ yrs:
“He is very nice because he lets us play in the wizz. He makes delicious food. He makes me feel really good.”

Amelia 10 yrs:
“I love him because he is my dad. He makes me feel happy and comfortable and safe. The comfort is when he lays down and cuddles us. The safe is because when the rooster chased me he went back at the rooster. He makes me feel happy when he wrestles and plays with us and when he comes home.”

Lucas 11 yrs:
“He is my father. He is the one who supports me. He works at SAC and feeds me. He makes me happy except when we get into fights. He makes me feel good, special and loved.”

Lucas’ Campaign Slogan

While talking politics with 11 year old son….

Mom, what would you call your campaign if you were running for president?

Mom in a grumpy mood from taking care of sick babies and a sick goat answered, “Shut up and do what I say because I am boss. People wouldn’t vote for me though. What would your campaign slogan be?”

“Life and the little things that matter.” He adds, “I would have to explain to people what it means. Life is to be pro-life. The little things that matter means those little things that matter to you but really are big.”

Mom asks, “Want to give an example?”

Lucas replies, “No, thank you. Maybe later.”