In these pages you will find the thoughts of a mother of ten, who has learned in our deepest suffering is when we are given the greatest opportunities and most precious blessings. Love is always the greatest choice but not always the easiest.  My hope is for my children to understand what love is as so beautifully defined in 1 Corinthians 13. Love is strongest when by the world standards it is at it’s weakest because it is then that the source of love, the substance of love is most able to be seen. God is love. May my choice in choosing love, in choosing God, be an example to guide them in their own challenges and opportunities in life.

Jesus, our most loving redeemer, You came to enlighten the world with your teaching and example. You willed to spend the greater part of Your life in humble obedience to Mary and Joseph in the poor home of Nazareth. In this way, You sanctified that family, which was to be an example for all Christian families.

Graciously accept our family, which we dedicate and consecrate to You this day. Be pleased to protect, guard, and keep it in holy fear, in peace, and in the harmony of Christian charity. By conforming ourselves to the Divine model of Your family, may we attain to eternal happiness.